Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2012

Table of Contents


A Finite Element Java Program for Stability Analysis of Pre-Cracked Beam-columns  | 
N. Peter Jiki 49-54
Total views: 829
Gender Differences and Similarities on the Cultural Dimension of Individualism and Collectivism: a Study on Public Sector Bank Employees  | 
P. Shriram Venkatraman, Govinda Reddy 55-63
Total views: 1594
Interactive t-learning System  | 
Chetan Kumar G. Shetty 64-67
Total views: 391
E-learning and its Effects on Teaching and Learning in a Global Age  | 
Olojo Oludare Jethro, Adewumi Moradeke Grace, Ajisola Kolawole Thomas 73-78
Total views: 692
Human Resources Management with using of Analyses Queue Approach  | 
M. Tabari, M. Seifi-Divkolaii, Y. Gholipour-Kanani 79-87
Total views: 939
Excel Feed formulation and Feeding Models  | 
F. B. Onwurah 88-92
Total views: 934


Emotional Intelligence of Teachers: the Need of the Day  | 
N. G. Kapila 68-72
Total views: 432