Volume 1, Issue 4, April 2012

Table of Contents


Corporate Success Mantra: Job Satisfaction  | 
G. Arumugasamy 135-139
Total views: 576
Preference of Prepaid Mobile Services in Nagercoil Town  | 
G. Arumugasamy 140-143
Total views: 448
Two Wheeler: Blessing for Middle Class Consumers  | 
G. Arumugasamy 144-147
Total views: 374
The New Millennium Challenges of HRD Practices  | 
G. Arumugasamy 148-151
Total views: 386
Estimation of Compensation of Employee Function: Panel Data Analysis of National Accounts of Nigeria  | 
Nwabueze Joy Chioma, Okoroafor Ikechukwu Benedict, Okoroafor-Iyke Florence Eleda 152-156
Total views: 376
Exploring the Challenges and Strategies in Information Technology Based Assessment at School Stage  | 
Sajid Jamal, Abdul Raheem 157-162
Total views: 387
Indicators of Students' Performance in Physics at Senior Secondary Level: a Qualitative Study of Students, Teachers and Teacher Educators  | 
Sajid Jamal, Sheeba Hasan 163-169
Total views: 367
Panel Data Analysis of National Accounts of Nigeria: Random Effect Model Approach  | 
Okoroafor Ikechukwu Benedict, J. Nwabueze Chioma, Okoroafor Iyke Florence Eleda 170-173
Total views: 368
Role of Soft Skills in Enhancing Employability  | 
T. V. S. Padmaja 174-181
Total views: 451