Volume 1, Issue 5, May 2012

Table of Contents


Digital Image Compression using Sparse Matrix  | 
K. C. Chandra Sekaran, K. Kuppusamy 182-184
Total views: 423
Education and Socio-cultural, Economic and Biological Status  | 
V. Jagadeesh 185-191
Total views: 363
Family and Social-cultural Status among Lamani Community  | 
V. Jagadeesh 192-196
Total views: 370
Development of PCU Factors and Capacity Norms at Mid Blocks of Rural Highways in Visakhapatnam  | 
P. V. H. Satyanarayana, K. Durga, S. S. S. V. Gopala Raju 197-202
Total views: 507
Site Suitability Study for an International Airport in Visakhapatnam  | 
R. V. Balarama Krishna, K. Durga Rani, S. S. S. V. Gopala Raju 203-206
Total views: 413
Geometric Corrections to Hill Top Road from Hanumanthawaka to Simhachalam -Case Study  | 
V. Sreerama Murthy, K. Durga Rani, S. S. S. V. Gopala Raju 207-217
Total views: 583
Extraction of Linear Objects and Features from Remote Sensing Image (RSI) Using Edge Detection Algorithms  | 
S. Murugan, C. Jothi Venkateswaran, N. Radhakrishnan 218-222
Total views: 364
Clustering Technique Using K-means Dempster-shafer Theory of Evidence  | 
R. Vijaya, A. M. Saravanan, C. Jothi Venkateswaran 223-227
Total views: 613
Hierarchical Frequent Pattern Analysis of Web Logs for Efficient Interestingness Prediction  | 
G. Sudhamathy, C. Jothi Venkateswaran 228-232
Total views: 347
An Empirical Evaluation of Lazy Learning Classifiers for Text Categorization  | 
P. Umar Sathic Ali, C. Jothi Venkateswaran 233-238
Total views: 604