Volume 1, Issue 9, September 2012

Table of Contents


Impacts of D-STATCOM on Voltage Stability  | 
Saeed Mohammadi 368-373
Total views: 516
Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Resources in Distribution Systems via Reliability Criterion  | 
Saeed Mohammadi, Abouzar Samimi 373-377
Total views: 673
A Comparison of Self Perception of Children with Non-verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) and Verbal Learning Disabilities (VLD)  | 
MohammadReza Zarbakhsh, Homayoon Haroon Rashidi 378-387
Total views: 899
Discovery of Outlier from Database using Different Clustering Algorithms  | 
Deepak Soni, Naveen Jha, Deepak Sinwar 388-391
Total views: 811
Distinction between Secret Key and Public Key Cryptography with Existing Glitches  | 
Aman Kumar, Sudesh Jakhar, Sunil Makkar 392-395
Total views: 477
Improvement of Power Systems Operation using Smart Grid Technology  | 
Saeed Mohammadi 396-405
Total views: 412
Comparison of Social Understanding (based on Mind Theory) and its Dimensions in Students with Verbal Learning Disabilities (VLD) and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD)  | 
Mohammadreza Zarbakhsh, Homayoon Haroon Rashidi, Mozhgan Mohajeri Iravani, Parastou Taghavi Dinani 406-413
Total views: 606
Social Accounting Challenges and Strategies for Implementation in Iran  | 
Mohammad Reza Pourali 414-419
Total views: 1196
Enviro GIS: Calculation of Pollution from Traffic  | 
B. Matevska, A. Markoski, I. Nedelkovski 420-424
Total views: 378
Virtual Local Area Network and Inter-VLANs Communication  | 
Anil Kumar Singh, Sandeep Singh 425-429
Total views: 570